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EVL Z-Matrix confirmed as mystery supplement #3

EVL z-matrix

Over the past month or so things have been quite interesting from EVLution Nutrition after they promised the coming of four new supplements within one to two months. Since that news came in back at the Arnold Classic we’ve discovered that one of those is the individual BCAA 5000, and another is a caffeine free edition of the pre-workout ENGN. We now have confirmation of the second to last product in the brand’s mystery four with EVL Z-Matrix. While the supplement is obviously a white label formula symbolizing simplicity for the brand, we do know this is the other slightly complex product EVL promised. When we say slightly complex we don’t mean anything like ENGN or Trans4orm, more along the lines of Lean Mode, EVL’s four feature stimulant free weight loss solution. Unfortunately today the image of EVL Z-Matrix is all we have, however based on its name we do feel it’s safe to say ZMA is going to be somewhere in the formula with the possibility of other ingredients also being in the mix. We should definitely be getting more information on this one as well as the last mystery supplement soon, especially since we are now in the second month of the brand’s promised time frame.

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