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Gold Standard Pre-Workout samples thrown in select Gold Standard Whey

gold standard pre

While we didn’t find Optimum Nutrition’s new Gold Standard Pre-Workout to be as good as it looked. That doesn’t necessarily rule out the chance of you liking it or at least wanting to give it a try. The brand is of course all for that and now giving those interested in trying Gold Standard Pre-Workout a free sample. The only catch is that you have to be a current fan or a regular buyer of Gold Standard 100% Whey. The reason that’s the case is because Optimum have thrown in Gold Standard Pre-Workout sachets in to specially marked Gold Standard Whey tubs. Double rich chocolate is the flavor you need to purchase with a sticker on the top saying “sample inside” being the mark you need to look out for. Each sachet found inside is a two serving sample so you will have the chance to try Optimum’s Gold Standard Pre-Workout at its best. We can’t imagine this offer being around for long nor is it something you’ll be able to easily take advantage of purchasing online. So if you really want that pre-workout sample, heading on down to your local Optimum retailer would be the way to go.

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