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Infinite Elevate Series Final Cutz could cause some confusion

infinite elevate series

While it has certainly been a long time since we heard anything from Infinite Labs, their latest bit of news is well worth talking about. In an announcement straight from the brand a new Infinite Labs Elevate Series has been confirmed. As you can see in the image above the first supplement revealed for the Elevate Series is another edition of the brand’s flagship fat burner Final Cutz. For now the Infinite Elevates Series is only being teased with the picture of the new weight formula, however looking at the image you can make out a few of the product’s ingredient.

Some of the notable features in the upcoming supplement are 175mg of caffeine, 200mg dandelion root, 2.5mg yohimbe, omega 3 and what surprisingly looks to be creatinol O phosphate. If you’d like a closer look at the Infinite Elevate Series Final Cutz label we have added a zoomed in shot below, where you can make out almost every ingredient and its dose. The other interesting thing you can see in the brand’s Elevate Series teaser is that the updated Final Cutz will be coming in a box. While its bottle keeps Infinite Lab’s signature yellow going strong, the box may end up causing some confusion. The titles and words may be different, but the overall look of the Elevate Series Final Cutz is very similar to that of MHP’s boxed products Myo-X and T-Bomb 3xtreme. Whether or not that results in anything we’ll have to wait and see, either way the big story is the coming of the Infinite Elevate Series.

As little information as the brand have released, we have been left with a lot of questions. Will the Infinite Elevate Series supplements replace any originals, how many Elevate items are coming, are any of them entirely new, the list really goes on. More details should be coming in soon, where we do hope to see some of our questions answered.

Update: Infinite Labs have posted a piece about how creatine suppresses new fat formation. Appropriate seeing as their new Elevate Series Final Cutz does include the usually muscle building ingredient.

Infinite Elevate Series Final Cutz label

infinite elevate series

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