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ISO Amino Starblaze and Fruit Blast available at Get Ripped

iso amino starblaze

We already knew MAN Sports were going to keep the flavors coming for their hit supplement, the formula we believe to be the best flavored amino on the market ISO-Amino. Since the launch of sour batch kids the brand’s Sour Patch Kids inspired recipe, it’s been nothing but exciting seeing MAN build up the menu of the crave killing calorie free product. Originally the supplement was released in a total of four tastes with blue bombsicle, mighty melon, tigers blood and of course the one that drew us all in, Sour Batch Kids. MAN followed the originals up with the Skittles inspired Skiddles which has been changed to Fruittles, then the Nerds inspired Dorks. It now appears that the ball is going to keep rolling as two more flavors have been launched. ISO-Aminos number seven and eight are fruit blast, what we believe to be the classic fruit punch option, and Starblaze what we can only assume is the brand’s take on Starburst. When we say launched we do actually mean available now, as the two tastes despite not seeing anything from MAN have been introduced at Get Ripped Nutrition. While you may be thinking they’re probably just on there as coming soon. That is in fact not the case as we were able to add the two to the cart and get to the payment page, so it does seem like they’re in stock. Feel free to check it all out yourself at Get Ripped, and even if they’re not ready to ship at least we know the next two ISO-Amino flavors.

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