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MPSSI listing lab results for all MusclePharm protein powders


For those that missed our original post on the MusclePharm Sports Science Institute found at As we pointed out the website has a lot more to offer outside of its new Energy Dropz mention. It features descriptions of every supplement, studies on a lot of the brand’s products, and more impressively a quality section. The quality area is of course the more interesting topic, especially with all the controversy around certain MusclePharm protein powders. Drama aside, the section on MPSSI is not only an interesting place to visit but definitely worth while if you’ve purchased any of their supplements. Firstly the brand have put together a database much like Scitec and Purus Labs have, where you can enter the batch number of your MusclePharm protein powder and get a full run down of your product. The site supplies official PDFs from the Eurofins supplement analysis center listing protein counts, bonded amino acid details and on some, free form amino acid details. Even if you don’t have a batch number you can look through the results from different products. Lastly there is also an area for you to check the lots inspected by the Informed Choice program. Compared to the protein page you obviously don’t get anything you can download or view, the Informed Choice section is just a place to see if the supplement in your hands has been tested and the date that test was performed. As we said before the MusclePharm Sports Science Institute website is worth a visit and actually a very well put together tool, something you won’t find from any other brand out there.

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