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Muscle Pharm Combat Black not as transparent as Diesel

muscle pharm combat black

Continuing on from yesterday’s detailing of the Black Label fat burner OxySport Black, today we bring you a deeper look at the upcoming gainer from Muscle Pharm Combat Black. Previously we did already know a little bit about the supplement after seeing the highlight of 1100 calories on the face of the bottle at the Arnold Classic. A calorie count of course doesn’t always sum up a protein powder, which is why today we have Combat Black’s facts panel to look at. Starting with the most important part, Muscle Pharm have packed their second attempt at a gainer with 55g of protein, 150g of carbohydrates (6g fiber, 13g sugar), and a solid 30g of fat (23g saturated). The brand have also thrown in a few other important additions with the transparently detailed 2g of creatine monohydrate and 5g of glutamine.

As small as that creatine dose is and interestingly large as that healthy fat count is, the slightly more disappointing fact is the protein forms. You can see the Muscle Pharm Combat Black label below which lists whey concentrate and isolate, however it doesn’t have the doses. While some may be wondering why that’s disappointing, the Black Label line is supposed to be transparent, much like the Hardcore Series. For whatever reason though Muscle Pharm didn’t feel like doing what they did for their protein powder Diesel for Combat Black, despite the two product’s protein forms being pretty much the same. We’re not trying to say there is anything wrong with the upcoming Muscle Pharm Combat Black, just that it seems a little strange for a brand not to be as transparent as they were one month ago. As mentioned we have added the supplement’s facts panel down below for you to take a look at for yourself, where you can also see its super carb and healthy fat blend. The launch on this one is expected to be the same as the rest, putting the gainer on sale alongside Assault, Creatine, Amino1 and OxySport Black May 1st.

Muscle Pharm Combat Black facts panel

combat black facts panel

Update: Muscle Pharm’s Combat Black is now available from GNC in chocolate and vanilla for $62.99 or $59.99 with a Gold Card.

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