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musclepharm energy sport

While more than enough retailers were stocking the premixed MusclePharm Energy Sports before the brand’s April 1st deadline was even close. We were eagerly awaiting the arrival of both versions of the supplement at seeing as they almost always come through with a solid launch deal. For what ever reason when April Fool’s finally rolled around the online giant came up short, only showing up with Arnold’s Muscle Bars and neither of the Energy Sports. Today 17 days after MusclePharm’s promised release date and 29 days after A1 Supplements first showed up with Energy Sport Zero, have now finally got one of the Energy Sports. When we say one we do actually mean one flavor of one version, onyx cherry Energy Sport Zero. Coincidentally that is one of the only two we’ve tried, and unfortunately one you won’t see us going back to. As upsetting as the variety is or lack there of, what’s more important is that we finally get an idea on how much will be charging for MusclePharm’s energy drink. Just as expected they now have the lowest price you will find on the product at $24.99 for a case of 12 cans. It’s not as low as Muscle & Strength’s original $21.97, however unlike them we don’t imagine will be randomly bumping up their price by more than 50%.

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