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Muscletech Plasma Muscle teaser moves to complete “NOS”

muscletech plasma muscle

For those waiting on the second letter in the name of Muscletech Plasma Muscle’s second ingredient, today it has been released. Following on from the “S” we were given the other day taking up the 7th spot in the hangman game. We’ve now got an “N” to put in at position number five. For those that tuned in the other day you would have heard the clue dropped for Muscletech Plasma Muscle, and that its second ingredient’s last part “is often used as the short form for ‘nitrous'”. We immediately came to the conclusion that the title of the mystery ingredient would read _ _ _ _ NOS. With that in mind we were kind of hoping we weren’t going to get given an “O” or an “N” since we already knew what was going to be there. Unfortunately it turns out an “N” is what the people wanted to see, although the letter isn’t as useless as some might think. While it does complete a space most should have known, it also confirms that none of the other letters are “N”. Fingers crossed the next letter isn’t an “O”, however if things do play out that way, again it could be helpful especially if it does more than spell out NOS.

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