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Muscletech Plasma Muscle’s 2nd ingredients gets an “S”

muscletech plasma muscle

The Muscletech Plasma Muscle mystery continues today with one of the letters in the second ingredient’s name now revealed. Yesterday we found out that one of the two features in Muscletech Plasma Muscle is going to be Peak ATP, just as we suspected. We now also know that the other exclusive feature in the supplement is seven letters long and something that’s never been used before. As mentioned one of the ingredient’s letters has been revealed, with the last character in the seven letter mystery being an “S”. To further help Muscletech fans with their guesses the brand have dropped a clue as well saying the “second word of this ingredient is often used as the short form for ‘nitrous'”. Based on that we think it’s fairly safe to say the second half is going to be NOS, leaving four other letters to go none of which are an “S”. Nothing really comes to mind purely because the ingredient has never been used before, although we do feel the name is out there much like how BetaTOR was confirmed before Clear Muscle mentioned it. From here we will just have to wait for more clues and hope that the next two letters don’t reveal the two we’re pretty sure we already know.

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