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Muscletech Plasma Muscle puzzle starts with an “O”

muscletech plasma muscle

Last time we checked in we had an “N” and an “S” for Muscletech’s Plasma Muscle puzzle. The letters completed about 66% of the second half of Plasma Muscle’s mystery ingredient, which we already figured would read “NOS”. Today the brand have dropped a third letter, the one we unfortunately didn’t want. With that said it turns out we would have had to get an “O” if we were wanting the first letter of the ingredient. Muscletech’s Plasma Muscle puzzle interestingly now reads “O_ _ _ NOS”, leaving us with still no solid guesses. A lot of people over the last week have been saying Actinos, although the brand were kind enough to confirm that is not the ingredient when we asked. If we didn’t ask we would have found out today anyway, as mentioned the exclusive feature does now officially start with the letter “O”. Traditionally we’d be going in the direction of Octo, Oxy or even Oro, however being an entirely new ingredient and based on what Muscletech are promoting, it could be a number of things before “NOS”. Only time will tell as the Muscletech Plasma Muscle puzzle continues with just three letters or at least spaces left to be filled.

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