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Prime Protein Whey joins Side Effect’s lonely original

prime protein whey

Previously Side Effect Sports had just the one protein powder Prime Protein available, a hydrolyzed beef formula. The relatively small brand have now unveiled their second protein powder carrying on the Prime Protein name with Prime Protein Whey. As you would have guessed based on the title, the main difference between the two is that unlike the original, Prime Protein Whey is expected to have a whey protein source. We say expected because if you actually go to Side Effect’s website right now you’ll see that the facts panel for Prime Protein Whey does in fact list hydrolyzed beef as its source. We can only assume that is some sort of mistake, or the brand are going to be seriously sending the wrong message. It is also on Side Effect’s website where you can see a whole lot of aminos on the facts panel they have for Prime Protein Whey, something we hope is a mistake as it definitely wouldn’t be wise launching something like that these days. When you look at the errors the likely answer is that the brand haven’t uploaded Prime Protein Whey’s details correctly, just putting the original Prime Protein’s promotional material up by mistake. Despite all the seemingly incorrect information, Side Effect do have a new protein powder on the way called Prime Protein Whey, which we’ll hopefully get the correct details on soon.

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