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Primeval Labs introduce five more supplements

primeval labs

Primeval Labs, the company we introduced a little over a week ago, have confirmed a surprising amount of new supplements. When we last talked about the brand they had just seven products, with a rather interesting spread of categories. The new set of supplements unfortunately isn’t going to fill in any of the gaps Primeval have, instead it is set to spread the brand out into even more areas. Based on the titles of the products we’re going to assume the direction Primeval Labs have gone with for their latest bunch is muscle-building, not too far off where a couple of their current items compete. In total the brand have unveiled five new formulas, 1 Andro Max, Andro Quad, Super Osta, EPI GH, and the only supplement not pictured above, the topical Tri-Dermal. Exact details on the products including their contents are a bit short at the moment, however as mentioned their names do hint at very few possibilities. Like the formula information, no exact date for when the supplements will launch has been set, just that they are on the way and will turn Primeval Lab’s average line up of 7 products into 12 when they arrive.

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