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RSP Z-Elite a little bit like Muscle Pharm’s Z-Core

rsp z-elite

After a year of seeing a lot of new supplements from RSP Nutrition, quite a lot of them being individual ingredient formulas. The brand have finally gotten back into the swing of things introducing their first new product for the year. In the past couple months we have seen RSP launch another DyNO flavor with strawberry as well as put together a 100 serving CreAde. Today the brand have revealed and released their ZMA based sleep aid supplement, RSP Z-Elite. Like a few of the brand’s others, the formula is fairly straightforward combining ZMA with melatonin, a mixture that may seem familiar. The combination is in fact very similar to Muscle Pharm’s Z-Core PM, which also uses ZMA and melatonin but has a bit of fenugreek in there as well. The two do differ slightly in doses, either way it does now give RSP fans a chance to add a sleep support product to their stack while sticking with the brand they know. For those interested in purchasing the supplement, RSP Z-Elite has officially been launched at the place that always does it for the brand, Where at the moment you’ll be looking to pay $19.97 for 180 capsules, which actually breaks down to solid 60 days worth.

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