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SP250 teaser suggests formula similar to SuperPump 3.0


Today not only have Gaspari launched their two new supplements Nova X and Real Mass Advanced but they’ve also dropped their latest teaser. You can see the mystery image above where the product is obviously a flavored formula. While Gaspari do have a sleep support supplement on the way, for this post we’re going with the assumption that the teaser is of the brand’s new pre-workout SP250. Not only is the fourth generation of SuperPump more than fitting but it also makes sense since it’s the only powder product Gaspari have named. Looking at the pixelated picture, not much can be learned about SP250 with all the usually informative areas blurred out. What we can see however is the tub weight of Gaspari SP250 which is 300g. If we work that out based on the common 30 servings we’re looking at a serving size of exactly 10g. We can’t imagine Gaspari recommending three scoops like they did back for SuperPump Max, especially after SuperPump 3.0’s two and SuperDrive’s single. If the 10g guess is correct there is a chance are we are in for something very similar to SP250’s predecessor and its 11g serving. Of course for now this is all speculation, although at least we now know SP250 or at least a flavored formula is what Gaspari have lined up next.

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