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Speed X3 Clear Lecheek’s 5th pre-workout supplement

speed x3 clear

Lecheek Nutrition have just announced another pre-workout supplement, with the uniquely named and alternatively formulated Speed X3 Clear. Like every other one of their energizing products, Speed X3 Clear carries on the somewhat iconic name following in the footsteps of the original Speed X3, Speed X3 Test and even though it only has half the title, Pump X3. If you’re like us you may not have immediately figured out the difference with Speed X3 Clear, although once you step back and take a look at it you’ll realize it is quite obvious. With a tub weight of 349g and a total of 25 servings, we are of course looking at a 100% transparent clinical dose type pre-workout, packing a serving size of around 14g. Lecheek is hoping to cover every area with Speed X3 Clear, promising increases in energy, focus, pump and strength. While we don’t have the official facts panel to go off, we do know a handful of the ingredients in the supplement although none of their doses. From what we can see most of the features are all things you’d usually get in a heavy scoop pre-workout with creatine monohydrate, beta alanine, agmatine sulfate, betaine anhydrous, and the always important caffeine. The release on Speed X3 Clear is officially labeled as coming soon however unlike a lot of other companies, for Lecheek that doesn’t mean a few months. The brand is in fact aiming for a launch next month, somewhere between mid to late May.

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