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Syntha 6 Edge on display at BSN’s FIBO booth

syntha 6 edge

As the clocks tick over to Sunday for those currently in Cologne Germany for the annual FIBO expo, images have come in from the event, one in particular that immediately got our attention. Thanks to an extremely helpful FIBO attendee who is also a loyal Stack3d fan, we received a photo of a new BSN supplement called Syntha 6 Edge. We didn’t get a full explanation of exactly what Syntha 6 Edge is, however based on the iconic BSN title and the extra words attached to the name there is plenty of room to speculate. Firstly the size of Syntha 6 Edge suggests only one thing, that the product is a specialized type supplement. Brands don’t tend to go small or short on options when the formula is mainstream, something we’ve even seen BSN do for their 1.32lb fat burning protein Isoburn. Next we can make out the weight of Syntha 6 Edge’s tub at 1.72lb, which divided across its 20 servings works out to be about 39g a serving. As fans of the brand will know that number isn’t anything close to the regular Syntha-6 or Isoburn, but is in the area of Syntha-6 Isolate. Whether or not that means anything or has any relation to what Syntha 6 Edge actually is, there is one more important thing to consider. BSN’s FIBO unveiled product could very well be exclusive to the area of the event, Europe. It certainly wouldn’t be the first time the brand have done an area exclusive with the Syntha-6 Protein Bar being a great example, as it is currently something stores have over there that is no longer available here. To add to the news a larger 4 or 5lb Whey DNA has also been spotted, although unlike Syntha 6 Edge we already dropped word on that back at the Arnold. If any more images show up we’ll be sure to post, and hopefully next year make it out to cover the FIBO expo as we do the Olympia and now Arnold Classic.

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