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The Kooler brings together a gallon jug and shaker in one

the kooler

Yesterday we saw Isolator Fitness bring some innovation to the classic gallon water jug with their insulated carrier the Jug. We’ve also seen many brands bring whatever they can to the shaker market over the past few years with creative products, unique combinations and some with more features than needed. Today we would like to introduce the Kooler, something that kind of brings together the giant water bottle and the always necessary supplement shaker. In as short as description as possible the Kooler is basically a massive gallon cup that has a lid with a collapsible straw to drink out of as well as a compartment to put your shaker in. It is very much like a larger version of the Hydra Cup where you can store two different drinks separately. The idea demonstrated for the Kooler shows a pre/intra-workout concoction being thrown together with ice in the gallon jug, then the lid containing a post-workout shaker screwed in on top. You can then drink the pre/intra-workout throughout your training and when you’re done be treated to an icy cold post-workout. You can see that demonstration below in a video with BSN’s Mark Bell, where you can also see what products Bell mixes together for his pre/intra-workout. For those that feel the Kooler is exactly what they need, the place to go to grab one is the brand’s website, where the Kooler is $32.95 a piece. At the moment there are only four colors to choose from, black, blue, green and red, although two more are coming soon with pink and white.

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