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The Kooler finally gets its two brighter colors, pink and white

the kooler

Back in April when we introduced The Kooler it was available in a total of four colors, black, blue, green and red. We were fortunate enough to get one of The Koolers ourselves, which we ended up reviewing and finding to be just as handy as a meal management bag. Also when we introduced The Kooler we mentioned that the team were working on two new colors for the shaker storing gallon jug, promising both pink and white as coming soon.

This week roughly three months since the colors were first mentioned, they have now arrived with the brand directing fans to the official Kooler website to check them out. If you head on over there now you’ll notice pink has been changed to in stock and is available for the same price as the others at $32.95. As for the white Kooler it has yet to be uploaded, although as mentioned it has arrived so it is likely to be added soon.

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