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Actv8 Shred label reveals ingredients responsible for all Hybrid’s promises

actv8 shred

We recently got our first look at one of Hybrid Nutrition’s new Actv8 Series supplements, Actv8 Shred. The product was confirmed to be exactly as its titled, a fat burning formula. While the name did make the supplement’s category obvious it wasn’t anywhere near as insightful as Hybrid’s highlights for Actv8 Shred. The brand promise a number of effects for the product including energy, thermogenesis, mood enhancement, increased focus, appetite control and of course overall weight loss. Today we’ve now got a look at the contents of Actv8 Shred revealing exactly what ingredients Hybrid are relying on to deliver on all their promises. In total the supplement packs 10 different ingredients with a range of features you’ve probably all seen before. We won’t list every name on the label just some of its highlights such as 1g acetyl-l-carnitine, 200mg caffeine and 135mg Infinergy dicaffeine malate, 250mg forskolin, and 100mg evodiamine. You can see the complete facts panel down below where you will also notice Hybrid have gone 100% transparent. Looking at the label it is difficult to say if Actv8 Shred will come through on all its promises, especially with the rarely seen appetite control and mood enhancement being promoted. We are going to just have to wait and see for ourselves how well it performs, although now that we know the contents of Actv8 Shred we are a lot more interested in what other products Hybrid have lined up for their Actv8 Series.

Hybrid Nutrition Actv8 Shred label

actv8 shred label

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