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Alphamine cocktails launched with two PES insider offers

alphamine cocktails

If you liked the sound of the PES Alphamine cocktails from earlier this month, then you may want to take advantage of their latest insider offer. Basically as per usual the brand have released their new products direct through their own website, officially making Alphamine available in appletini, margarita and strawberry pina colada. As for the deals PES have put together for their latest release, fans have two ways they can get a hold of the new Alphamine cocktails. There is the individual option where you can pick up any of the three cocktail inspired flavors for the discounted price of $24.99. There is of course a limit just as there was for PES Shift, with the maximum being six tubs. As for the other offer you have the AlphaNine Stack, which is a combination of Alphamine and Athletix Sports all-in-one formula Ergonine. The price on the pair is $44.99, working out to be $22.50 each. With the AlphaNine Stack you also don’t have to pick one of the Alphamine cocktails, as the supplement’s other three flavors are also available to choose from. Regardless of the deal you decide to go with make sure you complete your purchase before midnight June 1st as that is when both offers expire.

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