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Aminolution formula packing 6g each of BCAAs and EAAs


The wait is now over for Body Nutrition fans wanting to know what’s in the brand’s upcoming amino cocktail Aminolution. News of the supplement first surfaced around this time last month where we got the name of the product as well as two flavors, green apple and fruit punch. We could also see on the front of Aminolution a few highlights of the supplement which included a 12g strength and recovery combination of BCAAs and EAAs, an electrolyte blend, glutamine and a mix of B vitamins. As mentioned today we have the facts panel for the latest from Body Nutrition revealing a lot more than just the highlights on Aminolution’s label. The product does indeed feature a 12g combination of BCAAs and EAAs that is broken down into 6g of 2:1:1 BCAAs, 2g of glutamine and 1g each of citrulline, betaine, carnitine and taurine. Also in the mix and something that we didn’t know about is 200mg of green tea, which rounds out Aminolution’s formula along with its B vitamins and electrolyte blend. For those after a better look at what’s in Body Nutrition’s upcoming amino cocktail we have added its facts panel down below, where you can see each ingredient’s dose thanks to the brand’s 100% transparency.

Body Nutrition Aminolution facts panel


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