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APS Morph3 promoted as the new king of pre-workouts

morph 3.0

APS Nutrition are known for a lot of supplements, however the first time we met them was actually in Australia when we attended the FileX in Melbourne. Since then we have been following the brand and today have a new product of theirs to introduce. At the moment most APS fans will know of their pre-workout Mesomorph 2.0. Down under however that supplement is soon going to be followed by an entirely new pre-workout going by the shortened name, Morph3. The brand is promoting the formula as the new king and have revealed the list of contents being used to back up that statement. We have added the official Morph3 facts panel down below, atlhough some of its highlights are di-creatine malate and creatine nitrate, agmatine sulfate, as well as eria jarensis extract. For those that don’t remember that last one, it is what Gaspari have put in their new SP250 claiming it is “the first truly effective stimulant used in the sports supplements industry as a substitute for the now-banned DMAA”. Unlike Gaspari SP250, APS Nutrition will be launching Morph3 in Australia tomorrow with the pre-workout expected to be priced at $59.95.

APS Nutrition Morph3 facts panel


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