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BPI tease their next new Best Series supplement

best glutamine

When BPI unveiled their second and third Best titled supplements following Best BCAA with Best Creatine and Best Protein. You kind of got the sense that the brand could take the Best idea and go in almost any direction. Best CLA, Best Pre, Best Glutamine, Best Blend, even Best Supplement could work. Despite all the directions BPI could go in they have started teasing their next Best product with a preview video. The 24 second clip has little cameos of Best BCAA and Best Creatine then shows the bottle of the brand’s next creation turning just far enough to see a fraction of its title. Based on what’s been released it is difficult to take a guess at what BPI have coming as the sneak peek matches up to a number of titles such as Best Multi, maybe Best Pre, Best Glutamine, possibly even something like Best Super. Fans of the brand have already commented their guesses on BPI’s Facebook page, although feel free to watch the video below and take your own guess.

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