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Bioplex Nutrition counting down to July 1st


Bioplex Nutrition isn’t a brand we post about often, in fact over the years we’ve only ever talked about them once. The first time we were introduced to Bioplex was actually all the way back at the first Olympia we covered in 2012. We met the brand and put the spotlight on their protein powder Pure WPI, and since that day have been following Bioplex. The only reason we’ve posted about them once is because since that first meeting there hasn’t been anything to say about the brand, up until now. The latest from the guys over at Bioplex is by the looks of things a massive rebrand. The Bioplex website has been transformed into a countdown splash page where you can get a sneak peek at the brand’s new look and a clock ticking down to what we believe to be July 1st. Not much else can really be said apart from what can be seen, with more of course coming when the countdown eventually hits zero. Feel free to check out the brand’s website at and watch the seconds go by, or simply follow us here at Stack3d and we’ll keep you updated.

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