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Bioplex Nutrition miss their July 1st website deadline


If you visited Bioplex Nutrition’s website over the past two months you will have been greeted by a countdown clock. The numbers were ticking down to July 1st, which meant for two months the brand’s site would be under construction. While that was definitely one of the longer timers we’ve seen, although still no comparison to Gear’s coming soon drama as they approach the five month mark. We were fairly confident in Bioplex making their deadline as we had yet to see them really fail when it came to their website.

Unfortunately when the countdown ticked over to all zeros yesterday morning nothing happened. We decided to give the brand a day, however that has still not brought any change. At this point it is probably best to sit back and wait for Bioplex to do something, as if you visit right now you will be greeted by the obvious statement “The countdown has already ended!”

Update 07/03: While it isn’t exactly an update Bioplex Nutrition have now changed their website welcome message to “coming soon”. It still doesn’t give us a date for when their site will be back online although it is a lot better than “The countdown has already ended!”

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