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Noise from Brazilian brand Black Skull building towards US release

black skull

Like us, you may have been wondering why Black Skull was at the Arnold Classic back in early March. While they were more than welcome at the event and an interesting brand to see on display, being a Brazilian company it was a little strange. Since then we posted about them comparing themselves to MuscleMeds, calling out the big brand’s beef protein powder Carnivor and pitting it against their beef formula Hannibal serving for serving. All this noise has to of course be leading to something, which indeed it is. It turns out Brazil’s Black Skull will be making the same leap Myprotein has this year by working their way into the US. Looking at their line there doesn’t seem to be any ingredients in any of their eight supplements stopping them from being sold on US shelves. That may not come as much of a surprise to anyone that has checked out their products as five of them are proteins powders, and the others are creatine, BCAAs, and a caffeine individual Black Skull call a fat burner. For now we don’t know exactly when or where the Brazilian brand will be launching, just that they are coming.

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