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Blackstone Isolation deal gets you AMP citrate Angel Dust free

blackstone isolation

Since Blackstone Labs said their new protein powder Isolation was coming fans have been giving multiple opportunities to get a hold of the supplement. The values on each offer all varied with Natural Body’s pre-order price sitting at $34.99 then going up to $39.99, and Blackstone’s direct cost being the most expensive at $44.99. Natural Body have now come to the rescue for those looking to grab at least two tubs of Blackstone Isolation, and are fans of pre-workouts. The reason you need to be a fan of that kind of product is because to go with every purchase of 4lbs of Isolation, the store are giving you a free tub of Blackstone or Prime Nutrition’s pre-workout. The in-house supplement is of course the AMP citrate and soon to be reformulated Angel Dust with five flavors to choose form devil’s brew, red ice, blue sky, watermelon or lemon. As for the Prime pre-workout it is the Platinum Series Max-HP, definitely a competitive product although unlike Angel Dust it does not feature the controversial AMP citrate. The deal isn’t going to be around forever so if you are a big Blackstone fan or looking for a deal on an AMP pre-workout with protein, check out Natural Body’s Isolation offer.

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