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BSN Clean BCAAs leaves out its BCAA ratio

bsn clean bcaas

BSN Clean BCAAs is the obviously titled amino cocktail in the new BSN Clean Series, which does surprisingly feature a little more than what you’d think. With a name like BSN Clean BCAAs, you’re probably expecting something along the lines of MAN’s ISO Amino with just 5g servings of 2:1:1 ratio BCAAs. It turns out alongside the BCAAs the supplement also has taurine and glutamine. Being a Clean Series formula every ingredient is of course transparently dosed revealing 3g of BCAAs, and half a gram each of taurine and glutamine. Unfortunately despite BSN Clean BCAAs being clean and listing each of its ingredient’s doses, no where does it say exactly how much of each BCAA there is. Usually you would see a ratio of some sort which if it were 2:1:1 would mean the product has leucine at 1.5g and the other two at 750mg each. As you can see in the image above and the official BSN Clean BCAAs label down below, there is no way of knowing the ratio so you’re only left with the total BCAA dose at 3g. The price on this one like all the other BSN Clean Series supplements is quite high at $52.99 or $42.39 with a Gold Card, in just the one 30 serving flavor for now with watermelon.

BSN Clean BCAAs label

bsn clean bcaas

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