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BSN Clean Fat Burner the only Clean Series capsule supplement

bsn clean fat burner

BSN Clean Fat Burner is the brand’s new straightforwardly titled weight loss supplement, which is also the only capsule formula in the Clean Series. Just like all the others BSN Clean Fat Burner is a 100% transparent product, meaning it lists doses for each and every one of its ingredients. Being a six feature formula it helps out a lot, especially since weight loss supplements don’t usually get the transparent treatment. Starting from the top BSN Clean Fat Burner lists 200mg of green coffee bean, an odd 115mg of caffeine, 100mg of the patented Synetrim CQ cissus quadrangularis. Another 100mg each of grapefruit bioflavonoids and yerba mate extract, and 30mg of Capsimax cayenne extract. Much like the brand’s Clean Series pre-workout, BSN have kept the product fairly simple promising only the basics with the likes of energy and overall weight loss. The ingredients and doses mentioned are based on BSN Clean Fat Burner’s single capsule serving, of which you can have up to three a day. Seeing as each bottle packs 90 capsules, the supplement should last you the usual one month or exactly 30 days. For a closer look at the contents of BSN Clean Fat burner we have uploaded its facts panel below, and if you’re looking to purchase the product it is now on sale at GNC.

BSN Clean Fat Burner label

bsn clean fat burner

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