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Carol Saraiva Series gets 2 more, Hot Skinny and Pussycat Whey


Just yesterday Black Skull unveiled their upcoming women’s line of supplements appropriately named after their athlete, the Carol Saraiva Series. We were able to confirm three weight loss products from the collection, Sexy Bony, Diva Butt and Poison. As interesting as those names were, the three were all we thought would be in the line. It turns out there are in fact two more supplements in the mix, adding another angle to the Carol Saraiva Series as well as two more rather unique names. The products taking Black Skull’s set of female formulas up to five are Hot Skinny, what looks to be another kind of fat burner, and the protein powder Pussycat Whey. For a little bit of extra proof on those titles you can see all five of the Carol Saraiva Series supplements in the image above, including the oddly named protein powder. Like the three mentioned yesterday, both Hot Skinny and Pussycat Whey will be officially debuted at the Arnold Classic Brazil, which is set to take place next week in Rio de Janeiro from Friday to Sunday.

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