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Dedicated Joint designed with quality and price in mind

dedicated joint

We’ve seen a lot lately from the makers of our #1 pre-workout Dedicated Nutrition, with a first look at Gainz, confirmation of an updated Pack as well as the fan made “push f#cking harder” tee. Today we’ve got more from Dedicated with another one of their upcoming supplements, the category titled Dedicated Joint. Over the past couple of weeks we have seen a few shots of the product although nothing talking about what’s actually in the joint support formula. For this post firstly we’ll go over the Dedicated Joint description briefly talking about what the supplement has been designed to do. In the words of the brand “Soothe your aching tendons and joints, recover from old injuries and keep banging those heavy weights whilst being anabolic. Get strong, stay strong; injury free”. While most of the words in those two lines you probably could have predicted, today we’ve also got the label behind Dedicated Joint to go over. Due to the fact that the brand have put together their joint support formula with quality and price in mind, Dedicated Joint keeps things pretty straightforward. Making up the product we have just three ingredients, 1.8g of cissus quadrangularis, 570mg curcumin extract and 15mg of black pepper. As mentioned the brand have kept things pretty simple which you can see more of below in Dedicated Joint’s official facts panel. For those fortunate enough to be within a retailer stocking the brand, Dedicated Joint is going to be available next week putting it in stores very soon.

Dedicated Joint label

dedicated joint label

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