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Go Shake review, 1st ever disposable shaker stronger than it looks

go shake review

When Go Shake first unveiled their innovation the world’s first disposable supplement shaker, the idea didn’t quite sound right. Not only did the product have to be sturdy enough to withstand shaking of a pre-workout, protein powder and other types of supplements as well as be cost effective. But it was also promised to be recyclable and 100% compostable. When the Go Shake finally went on sale earlier this year the cost effectiveness question was answered at 50 cents a piece, however we didn’t have answers to the usability questions. Today we have our Go Shake review going into detail about the functionality of the item and telling you why the disposable shaker is worth having.

To start things off, if you’re like us the first question we had about the Go Shake is how secure is the lid. This is something we put to the test and despite the shaker not actually having any kind of screw or clip system to hold it in place. The flexible lid that just squeezes around the cup is a lot more secure than you’d think. We filled the Go Shake up past its highest measurement of 400ml, held the cup and shook the hell out of it. Surprisingly the top did not fly off. After about 10 to 20 seconds which is a lot longer than you’d usually shake it up, the lid was still in place without any kind of leak.

go shake review

It is worth mentioning that when we did the shake test we were actually purposely shaking quite viciously. This was also without using any fingers to keep the lid in place. With that in mind you can be sure despite how flimsy and easy to put on the Go Shake’s top is, the lid is not likely to go flying when holding it down. The only thing we can imagine the Go Shake would have trouble with is something a lot thicker than your usual amino, pre-workout or protein powder. While we did successfully no holds test it with a few gainers. We do know some mass formulas can get pretty heavy so if you do decide to use the Go Shake for something like that, definitely hold the lid and take care.

The next area that you may be concerned about is the cap on the drink hole of the Go Shake. Like the lid the makers have not really used any kind of clip down or screw locking method. The cap is basically a thin little layer that is held in place by the simple method of the middle section being the size of the lid’s hole, and the top and bottom sections being larger. This allows the cap to be quickly torn away for use and once again surprisingly not break open when shaken with the intention of it popping off. The only issue is that the cap isn’t designed to be easily put back in place. While it does come out with almost no effort, to make sure it is secure enough to be used for shaking again you do have to check the inside of the lid to see if the cap is completely clipped through.

go shake review

Last but not least and this isn’t exactly something that will worry many people, is the mixability of the Go Shake’s Shaker Breaker. The Shaker Breaker is the product’s version of a blender ball that comes with each and every Go Shake. It’s a small plastic object that based on the supplements we used it with gets the job done. We will say though that most of the shakers we use we take out the mixing features. Grills and little contraptions we don’t feel make much difference until it comes time to cleaning them. The upside to the Go Shake’s Shaker Breaker is of course that even though we wouldn’t normally use things like that, when finished using it you can simply throw it away.

Go Shake review final words

While we did hopefully answer all the functionality questions you might have had about the Go Shake, there is one more area to touch on and that is how handy actually is it. As we’ve said in previous posts, the Go Shake isn’t something you’re going to want to rely on if you’re a regular supplement user. Morning, nighttime and multi workout users are still going to want to have a regular plastic shaker. Where the Go Shake comes in handy now that you know its functionality is 100% is just as it’s named, on the go. If you’re late for a workout, need to have something while on the move or during the day at work, need to mix up a quick pre-workout, or even if you’re shaker is in the wash. The Go Shake is worth having. It is a solid investment for both those who can implement it in their day-to-day routine and those that would pay 50 cents for the quick convenience of filling, ripping and throwing away.

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