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Go-Shake the disposable shaker available for 50 cents a piece


Hopefully everyone remembers the innovative product we introduced last year in November, the world’s first disposable shaker the Go-Shake. The unique supplement accessory was designed to basically get rid of that awful shaker smell and need to clean the cup, lid and grill after its been used.

The Go-Shake takes the most direct approach to achieve this by simply being disposable. While you immediately think the cost of that would be quite high, the team behind the product reassured those interested that the price would not be a problem. Here in April the Go-Shake has now officially been released and is available for purchase through Amazon.

As promised the item is not at all expensive with various packages put together to suit your budget. The Go-Shake comes in packs of 30 valued at $14.99 which includes 30 cups, 30 lids and 30 shaker breakers. There are bigger options such as 60 for $29.99 all the way up to 450 for $224.99, although as you probably figured out the cost still works out the same at 50 cents a shaker.

While we can’t imagine the average gym rat wanting to religiously use the Go-Shake, purely because some shakes are taken at home and a lot now have more than one shake a workout. The Go-Shake seems like a pretty good backup to have stashed in your supplement cupboard. We probably wouldn’t use it ourselves day to day but when on the move it’d be nice to have the option of just throwing your shaker away.

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