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Years supply of Grenade Hydra 6 up for grabs

grenade hydra 6

Whether you’re a fan of Grenade’s protein powder Hydra 6 or just protein powder in general, you may be interested in the brand’s latest promotion. Basically the prize is the massively desired years supply of protein or in Grenade’s case, Hydra 6. The brand doesn’t say anywhere how many tubs of the supplement is included in their years supply, however in the past with other competitions it’s been a 5lb a month. Whether it’s more or less for Grenade we’ll have to wait for more details, either way it’s a lot of protein powder. To get yourself in the draw to win, all the brand require you to do is create an account on their website. You don’t need to buy anything, just simply create one before the 24th of May and you’ll be entered. Seeing as Grenade do have three versions of their site, one each for the UK, US and Europe. It does look like if you are in any of those areas, the giveaway is open to you. The address to visit is, where you need to click the accounts section and complete the necessary steps.

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