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Black Skull Holy Whey comparison doesn’t turn out too well

holy whey

We recently saw the Brazilian brand Black Skull call out MuscleMeds and their beef protein Carnivor in a comparison with their beef formula Hannibal. The points that Black Skull used to win their clash with Carnivor were in relation to the MuscleMeds supplement’s protein percent per serving. In every 37g serving of Carnivor you get 23g of protein, which is not a lot compared to Hannibal’s 35g serving getting you 29g. Black Skull have now put together another comparison chart this time pitting their protein powder Holy Whey against the legendary Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard Whey. The issue this time around however is that the percentage separating Black Skull and their competitor is not much, at less than 2%. The reason that makes a big difference is because that small value can easily be argued the other way for Optimum.

In the case of Carnivor vs Hannibal, the latter was ahead by 20% with more protein in a smaller serving. That is not how it is this time around as despite the 1.6% difference in protein per serving going the way of Holy Whey, there is a lot going against the Black Skull protein. Firstly it isn’t flavored so it makes sense for Holy Whey to have a higher protein percentage, although does mean you miss out on Gold Standard’s 15+ flavors. Secondly Holy Whey only has the one 2lb tub size, making it somewhat inconvenient and not able to compete with Optimum’s bigger Gold Standard options. Lastly Holy Whey is a 100% whey concentrate formula, where as Gold Standard features isolate as its biggest source of protein. While it is entirely up to you what protein sources you use, the small difference in protein percentage is quickly overcome by Optimum. Simply go for a bigger size of Gold Standard and not only is the product cheaper than Holy Whey but it makes up for that 1.6%, you also get a number of flavors to choose from and the benefit of having the more expensive whey isolate in your shake.

You can check out the Black Skull Holy Whey Vs. Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard Whey comparison below, where the Brazilian brand do look good although only because they’ve left out certain facts. No matter which way you look at it the latest Black Skull call out is definitely entertaining, something we hope to see more of when the brand finally hit the US.

Black Skull Holy Whey Vs. Optimum Gold Standard

holy whey

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