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Inner Armour mysteriously delete certificates of analysis on Facebook

inner armour

Last year Inner Armour made it into headlines as one of the many brands who had a class action lawsuit filed against them. The supplements involved were the mass protein Mass-Peak and the whey protein Nitro-Peak. That was the last we saw of the brand up until a few days ago when Inner Armour posted something quite interesting to Facebook and Twitter. We did bookmark the pages to come back to later however it turned out they were taken down before we could get a second look. For those lucky few who caught it, the brand posted a total of three images to Facebook. All three were certificates of analysis for products of theirs that were tested by a third-party for quality. Initially we thought maybe it wasn’t Inner Armour and went looking to see if we could figure out who it actually was. Eventually we ended up on the brand’s Twitter page only to see that the Facebook posts were deleted, but the tweets linking to them weren’t. While we wish we had looked at the certificates when we had the chance, the fact that they have been taken down makes something that was already interesting more so. Just to prove we haven’t lost our minds we have added a snapshot of the tweets that for now can be found on Inner Armour’s Twitter below, although you still have to wonder why the certificates were taken down.

Inner Armour certificate of analysis tweets

inner armour

Links to the images that have now been removed from Facebook one / two / three

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