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Magnum Limitless look confirms rather heavy serving size

magnum limitless

As much as we knew about Magnum Limitless with its name and category, previously there was only a covered image of the supplement available. The areas left uncovered confirmed that not only was Magnum’s new product a pre-workout but that it was an extreme pre-workout. Today we don’t have much of an update on Magnum Limitless, we do however have our first look at the supplement. As you can see above the pre-workout has officially been unveiled, or at least completely unveiled revealing one very interesting detail. While the fact that Magnum Limitless packs a month supply into its 390g box is good to know, what’s more interesting is the exact weight of the pre-workout’s serving. On the box the brand list a serving size of 19.5g. Of course we don’t know any of the ingredients that make up that almost 20g serving, although it does suggest we’re in for a heavy type pre-workout. Stimulants may be in the mix, but with a serving size of 19.5g chances are most of that is going to be made up of things like beta-alanine, creatine, citrulline and so on. As we get closer to the release of Magnum Limitless more information should be coming in with its launch still set to take place sometime next month.

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