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Modern Protein macros and 4lb tub confirmed with Inner Circle release

modern protein

After originally laying eyes on the new USP Labs protein powder Modern Protein back in February, after three months the brand have finally released the supplement. As previously confirmed the product has got just the two flavors chocolate and vanilla, with its arrival also bringing confirmation of its macros. Making up Modern Protein’s 35/34g (chocolate/vanilla) serving you get 23g of protein with five different proteins listed as its source. 3g/2g of carbohydrates (1g/0 fiber, 1g sugar), 3.5g of fat (1g saturated), and a total of 140/130 calories. You can check out both of Modern Protein’s labels below, however there is one more thing to the supplement.

While the protein powder has only been released in the one 25 serving 1.9lb tub to start off with, USP Labs are going to be adding a 4lb at a later date. We don’t exactly know when it will be added just that US fans won’t be left with the one size unlike with OxyElite Protein. As mentioned Modern Protein has been launched today and to get a hold of it you will have had to get the link from the brand’s Inner Circle email. If you’re not a part of the group but know the address of USP’s Inner Circle deals website you can use that instead, as the dedicated site has been updated for today’s release. You could also just sign up to the brand’s insider group on their regular website, as there may be a second email. Regardless of how you do it make sure you get the link, as you don’t really want to miss out on two tubs of Modern Protein for $34.99.

USP Labs Modern Protein label (chocolate/vanilla)

modern protein

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