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First look Muscletech Plasma Muscle confirms doses

muscletech plasma muscle

Up until now we’ve only heard about the upcoming Muscetech Plasma Muscle, we haven’t really seen the supplement. We know it’s a part of the brand’s new muscle-building trilogy where the product stacks with Clear Muscle and Phospha Muscle. We also know the two ingredients in Muscletech Plasma Muscle, the brand’s previously used Peak ATP, and the entirely new feature Optinos which is officially written OPTI-Nos. Today we finally have our first look at the supplement itself in its Performance Series label, colored in a dark green/blue gradient. Two other details we get from the Muscletech Plasma Muscle preview are the doses of each of the product’s ingredients. While we already figured the brand would go with the same dose they use in the SX-7 Series Peak ATP, we can now confirm that 400mg is what Muscletech have gone with for Plasma Muscle. As for the new feature, alongside the supplement’s 400mg of Peak ATP you will also get 750mg of Optinos. The time frame on the last piece of the muscle-building trilogy is still “coming soon”, however today’s first look at Muscletech Plasma Muscle should be enough to keep everyone interested.

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