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Save 20% or more everyday at Myprotein’s US store


We said it wouldn’t take long for everyone to be using at least one Myprotein supplement in their stack based on their wide range and powerful pricing. As the brand continue to spread out and find their way into more and more locations you may have come across one or two of theirs that might have tempted you. Today we’ve got something from Myprotein that is going to more than tempt you, and it is actually an offer direct from the brand. If you haven’t visited Myprotein’s US store before, their prices are in fact not bad compared to what you’d usually pay purchasing products straight from a brand’s website. 5.5lbs of Impact Whey Isolate costs $62.99, 11lbs of Impact Whey Protein is set at $89.99 and 1kg of BCAAs will set you back just $46.99. The reason we’ve highlighted those supplements in particular is because for a limited time you can save 25% on all of them with the coupon code “MYSTERYUS”. That drops the 100% isolate down to an incredible $47.24, the 200 serving Impact Whey to $67.49 and the BCAAs to $35.24. While the 25% discount is a limited time thing, Myprotein have put together an exclusive coupon code for our readers that isn’t a limited time deal. Simply use the coupon “STACK3D” at checkout and you will get 20% off everything. It can’t obviously be used in combination with other promotions such as this week’s MYSTERYUS, but it definitely means the fast growing should be your go to place for protein products and essentials.

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