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Eggshell Membrane all NOW have for the month of May

eggshell membrane

Like clockwork NOW Foods have revealed and released their new supplements for this month. Unfortunately like April the brand actually haven’t got much for fans in May. The total amount of new items is in fact the same as what NOW had back in February with just the one. The lonely product this month is called Eggshell Membrane and features exactly what’s in its title. The supplement is yet another individual ingredient formula from NOW packing half a grame of NEM (natural eggshell membrane) per capsule. Each bottle of the new product squeezes in 60 capsules, giving you enough to last two months on the brand’s directed one capsule a day. Eggshell Membrane has been designed to “help to maintain healthy articular cartilage and surrounding synovial tissue by nourishing joints”. NEM is commonly seen in more complex joint support formulas although can definitely be found by itself in the likes of Scitec NEM Forte. For more information on the latest from NOW check out their website and expect to see Eggshell Membrane in stores soon if not already.

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