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Passion fruit added to Nutrabio’s day old Intra Blast

intra blast

It was only just yesterday that we introduced Nutrabio’s new amino cocktail Intra Blast, the supplement with a 24g serving of BCAAs, EAAs and electrolytes. We went over the product’s contents and directed readers to the brand’s own website where Intra Blast is now available for purchase at $33.99 a tub. If you immediately followed that link you may have noticed there was only one flavor listed for the supplement with the traditional fruit punch. Surprisingly enough, Nutrabio have now doubled Intra Blast’s menu introducing a second flavor just a day after we posted about it. Along side fruit punch the brand are currently listing another fruity recipe that’s no where near as common with passion fruit. The latest from Nutrabio does of course come in at the exact same tub size weighing 724g and packing a total of 30 servings. To see it for yourself or if you choose even pick up the new passion fruit Intra Blast, head on over to the brand’s website at

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