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Tiger Fitness list 2 more Oh Yeah One flavors than the brand

oh yeah one

Oh Yeah One bar is the latest supplement from Oh Yeah Nutrition, which if you caught our post yesterday you will know is almost identical to the brand’s Prometeus exclusive Low Carb Bar. Quite a few of Oh Yeah One’s facts matched up to Low Carb’s including its protein, protein sources, and total amount of carbohydrates and fat. Despite only just posting about the product, Oh Yeah One has already been uploaded to Tiger Fitness with a price. While you can of course order straight from Oh Yeah’s own website, you will be looking at $27.99 for a box of 12. Tiger Fitness on the other hand are promising three bucks cheaper than that when they get stock at $24.99, working out to $2.08 a bar. Another thing that’s a little different to buying direct from the brand is that Oh Yeah One at Tiger Fitness has five flavors to choose from instead of three. Alongside chocolate chip cookie dough, lemon cake and peanut butter pie are two classics, chocolate brownie and cookies & cream. As mentioned Tiger Fitness have only added Oh Yeah One to their store, they don’t yet have available, however with their price and variety they may be worth the wait.

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