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Oh Yeah One almost identical to Oh Yeah’s Low Carb Bar

oh yeah one

Oh Yeah Nutrition, one of the few originally dedicated protein bar companies, have mostly been focusing on what they started out with instead of going in too many other directions. They did introduce a few basic supplements a while back, but lately it’s been all about the bars. That trend continues on to today as Oh Yeah have got yet another new protein bar. The latest from the brand is called Oh Yeah One, making it four protein bars for the brand after last year’s Low Carb release. If you haven’t seen that last one, Oh Yeah’s Low Carb Bar that is because it’s exclusive to the European distributor Prometeus. It is worth pointing that out because the brand’s new Oh Yeah One is in fact almost identical to the Low Carb bar.

When you actually put both One and Low Carb’s chocolate chip cookie dough facts panels side by side the minor differences are half a gram of polyunsaturated fat, 1g of fiber and 10 calories. The rest is the same including the protein, the protein sources, total amount of carbohydrates as well as the total amount of fat. The menu for the new Oh Yeah One is also almost identical listing both of the Low Carb’s options chocolate chip cookie dough and peanut butter pie, with only lemon cake separating the two. For more information on the latest from the brand you can read all about Oh Yeah One on their website, although if you are familiar with the Prometeus Low Carb Bar it won’t be worth a visit.

Oh Yeah One bar labels

Peanut Butter Pie / Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough / Lemon Cakeoh yeah one

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