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P6 Xtreme likely after Cellucor release Alpha Amino and Super HD Xtreme

cellucor p6 xtreme

Yesterday Cellucor unveiled two new supplements with more hardcore versions of two of their well known products. The duo were Alpha Amino Xtreme, an energized edition of the brand’s amino cocktail Alpha Amino, and Super HD Xtreme, a much more energy driven version of the Cellucor fat burner Super HD. Today we don’t have confirmation of any other new supplements from the brand, more along the lines of suspicion of one. While it’s never good to rely on trademarks registered by companies as some are just there as possibilities and are not guaranteed products. Cellucor really got us thinking with the unveiling of Alpha Amino Xtreme and Super HD Xtreme. Before yesterday the two Xtreme titles seemed like alternate names for Alpha Amino and Super HD that simply didn’t get used. Now however that the duo are the real deal we get the feeling that the brand’s other trademark P6 Xtreme, could also become reality very soon. The Cellucor P6 Xtreme trademark was filed on the same day as the other two, making it even more likely to be something to watch out for. Another thing worth mentioning is that the brand have had different kinds of P6 before with the likes of P6 Black. Based on that chances of P6 Xtreme actually being produced increase once again, with Cellucor P6 Xtreme being what Alpha Amino and Super HD Xtreme are to their G4 Series originals. This is all of course speculation as the P6 Xtreme trademark may not turn into anything, although with all that’s happened we won’t be surprised if it does.

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