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PepTest Bulk Vs AdreNOlyn Bulk, or some other DAA pre-workout

peptest bulk vs adrenolyn bulk

Yesterday MAN Sports revealed and released their second PepTest Bulk taste seeing sour batch joined by another flavor from an inhouse supplement with Game Day and ISO-Amino’s tigers blood. As per usual the product was launched with a 1%er introductory deal offering up a tub for $44.99 or two for $79.99, both options coming with two ISO-Amino samples, an easy fill funnel, all-in-one shaker and free US shipping. As exciting as the release was, MAN actually put together a little something else we thought was definitely worth sharing however it was only seen by those who got the 1%er email. Down below you will find a comparison chart where PepTest Bulk goes head to head with its intended target. Unlike Black Skull or others who directly call out brands, MAN haven’t listed their number one competitor although we do feel it’s a bit obvious.

While there are a lot of pre-workouts out there very few feature d-aspartic, one of the ingredients on the comparison chart. The list is made even shorter by MAN saying the supplement they’re referring to doesn’t list its DAA dose due to it being in a proprietary blend. Other details mentioned include a tub size of 30 serving, one caffeine source, no agmatine sulfate, and it includes creatine and beta-alanine. Based on all of that and taking into account MAN are talking about a popular product, we can’t help but think this is a PepTest Bulk Vs AdreNOlyn Bulk comparison. There is of course no way to confirm unless the brand say so themselves, either way the image definitely makes a strong case for PepTest Bulk. You can check out the table below to see how MAN’s stimulant powered pre-workout stacks up against what we believe to be AdreNOlyn Bulk, if not then some other DAA proprietary 30 serving formula.

MAN PepTest Bulk Vs AdreNOlyn Bulk

peptest bulk vs adrenolyn bulk