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MAN’s mystery Peptest Bulk turns out to be tigers blood

peptest bulk tigers blood

MAN Sports have today unveiled their latest PepTest Bulk recipe that was originally teased last week, and is actually a flavor from another one of the brand’s current supplements. Just as PepTest Bulk’s Sour Batch was first seen with MAN’s ISO-Amino, the product’s second taste was first seen on the brand’s pre-workout Game Day. The flavor taking PepTest Bulk’s menu to a total of two is tigers blood which coincidentally is also an option available for ISO-Amino. As per usual to go with the reveal of MAN’s latest effort they’ve released it through their 1%ers club with a couple of insider deals. The cheapest way to get tigers blood PepTest Bulk is the $44.99 pack which includes a full tub of the supplement, two ISO-Amino samples, an easy-fill funnel and a 3-in-1 shaker. As for the more expensive stack set at $79.99 you get two tubs of tigers blood PepTest Bulk, and then the same freebies, funnel, samples and shaker. Regardless of which ever one you go with you do have the option of choosing PepTest Bulk’s original taste instead of tigers blood, and you will also get free US shipping.

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