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CarniMax launched with Performax Lab’s new OxyMax XT


Performax Labs do have a couple new supplements on the way with the long awaited fat burner OxyMax XT. The other one is of course an all new HyperMax which the brand are now putting together after the FDA issued a few letters to 13 AMP citrate using companies. While you may have thought that was enough for Performax since they don’t actually have that big of a line up. It turns out the brand do in fact have another new product they’ve been working on making it five for them in total. The name of the supplement is CarniMax which looks to be a propionyl-l-carnitine individual ingredient formula. We don’t know the exact dose of what appears to be CarniMax’s one and only feature, we do however know each bottle of the product packs a total of 60 capsules. Surprisingly as new as this one is from Performax, fans aren’t going to be waiting for it. As promised here in early May OxyMax XT has arrived and is heading out to stores along with CarniMax. Based on that status it’s definitely a good time to start looking out for both OxyMax and CarniMax at your favorite Performax retailer.

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