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Pro Supps PS Whey getting more than just glazed doughnut

ps whey

If you were never a fan of Pro Supps PS Whey purely because of the flavors they had available, or lack there of. Now is a good time to start getting back into the supplement. Back in March the brand unveiled their first innovative effort with glazed doughnut, a recipe we had never seen attempted before. Surprisingly the taste was the first one to be added to Pro Supps PS Whey since it was launched with chocolate fudge and vanilla cake being the product’s two originals. Following on from the news of glazed doughnut the brand have now also confirmed two more flavors for PS Whey, almost tripling the supplement’s amount of options in less than two months. The tastes Pro Supps have named are strawberry milkshake and banana pudding. While we don’t know the status of the latter, strawberry milkshake PS Whey is said to be making its way out to retailers before June. Whether that means next week or in three weeks, either way Pro Supps PS Whey is fast becoming a competitor with three sizes and now five flavors.

Updated: All three new PS Whey flavors are now available direct from the brand, glazed doughnut, banana pudding and strawberry milkshake, in both 2 and 4lb tubs

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