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Royalty Famine promoted as the strongest fat burner in the kingdom

royalty famine

With no mention of Royalty Nutrition’s previously previewed Royal Pump since our first sneak peek. The brand’s line up has remained at a total of one with their original pre-workout formula Reign. As it turns out Royalty do actually have another new product being lined up for launch, that unlike Royal Pump is going to see them enter a category very different to the one they’re already in. The name of the supplement is Famine, a very interesting title for what will be the brand’s first ever fat burner. At the moment all we know about Royalty Famine is that it is a weight loss solution promoted as “the strongest fat burner in the kingdom”. We also know that each bottle of Royalty Famine will feature 45 servings, although we don’t know how many capsules will be making up those servings. Whether it’s one, two, three or more, at 45 servings the product sounds like it will either be a twice a day formula or once a day supplying you for one and a half months. While the supplement is only being promised as coming soon at this point, the brand have already added Royalty Famine to their website in preparation for when it arrives.

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